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Giving to First Church

Dear Members and Friends,

The theme for the 2015/16 Stewardship Campaign is “First Unitarian Church: For You, For Us, For Cincinnati” as we reflect on and celebrate the many ways that First Unitarian Church touches and transforms lives every day.  

For You – Impact that’s felt at the individual and deeply personal spiritual level.  
For Us – Impact that’s felt as we are surrounded by love and support from our broader church family.
For Cincinnati – Impact that’s felt at the societal level as we act for positive change in the Greater Cincinnati area and across the world.

2015-16 Stewardship Campaign Goal

Every year costs increase and every year there is a desire to expand the reach of our efforts and programming.  If we are to grow as a church, we must also find ways to grow our gifts.  As such, our pledge goal for the year is that each and every pledge represents a “step up” increase versus last year’s gift.  If every member gives 5% more then we can offset rising costs and maintain current levels of programming without meaningful cuts.  If every member increases by 10% or 15%, then we can invest in growth and build a strong future together.


Giving Options

We will start collecting pledges on Sunday, March 22. There are several options for submitting pledges:

  1. Pledge Online – Click on the button that says "Click Here to Pledge Online" at the top or bottom of this page.  This will take you to an automated site where you can enter your pledge amount for the year ahead.

  2. In-Person – Starting on March 22 and for several Sundays after, you may hand in a paper pledge form at church (supplied with the brochure, or available at church).

  3. By Mail – Mail your pledge form to the church.

  4. Meet With a Canvasser – If you would like to speak to a Canvasser about your pledge, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule.

Your pledge commitment is activated on July 1. You will receive semi-annual statements listing contributions toward the pledge but it is entirely up to you when you make your contributions (weekly, monthly, annually).  There are several convenient payment options:

  1. Pay Online – Follow the "Click here to Pledge Online" link at the top or bottom of this page to pay your pledge through electronic check, credit or debit card, recurring payments, etc.  Please note that if you use this option, 3% of your gift will go to the online payment service as a usage fee.  As such, you may want to adjust your gift up by 3% so that First Unitarian doesn't receive less than you intended.

  2. In-Person – Leave your check payments in the offering plate at Sunday Services.

  3. By Mail - Send your contributions directly to the church.


Stewardship Campaign Committee
Dave Wallace and Jayson Zoller


"Stepping Up" Giving Guide

Last Year’s PledgeStep Up 5%Step Up 10%Step Up 15%
$1000 $1050 $1100 $1150
$1250 $1312 $1375 $1437
$1500 $1575 $1650 $1725
$1750 $1837 $1925 $2012
$2000 $2100 $2200 $2300
$2500 $2625 $2750 $2875
$3000 $3150 $3300 $3450
$5000 $5250 $5500 $5750
$10,000 $10,500 $11,000 $11,500
$15,000 $15,750 $16,500 $17,250



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