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Giving to First Church

Dear Members and Friends,

The 2014/15 church year will be a truly historic one for First Unitarian Church as we celebrate "125 Years in Avondale". It was March 27, 1889 when a vibrant First Church congregation completed their move from downtown Cincinnati to the "suburbs" of Avondale and our current church building and home. Ever since opening its arched red doors, First Unitarian Church has served a positive force for justice, dignity, and respect in our community and across the globe.

Stewardship Campaign Theme

The theme of this year's Stewardship Campaign is "125 Years of Stepping Up" as we celebrate and remember the many great moments in our Church history when members and ministers stepped up to big challenges to bring about positive change. We inherit a rich tradition of dissatisfaction with the status quo, of bold action, and of the improvement of countless lives in the pursuit of a better world. Our First Church legacy is one of ACTION. It is a legacy of "stepping up" and making a difference that we proudly carry on today.
Progress always starts with a step. We celebrate this simple idea each year as our littlest children "step up" to kindergarten and begin their journey of Religious Education growth. Our church is what it is today because the many members before us chose to "step up" through their service, their leadership, and their gifts. And, our church is what it is today because our current members continue this tradition of "stepping up" in powerful and inspiring ways.
2014-15 Stewardship Campaign Goal
We invite you to "Step Up" for First Unitarian Church! Our Canvass goal for the year is that each and every committed pledge represents a "step up" versus last year's gift. As you review last year's gift, please think about how big of a step you are willing and able to make in the year ahead. Maybe you'll choose to step up a given percentage-- for example, a 10% "step up". Or, maybe you'll choose to step up a dollar amount-- for example, a $100 "step up". How and how much you choose to "step up" is ultimately your decision. But, whether you choose to take a big step forward or a small step forward, please don't stand still on First Church. Remember that with the ever-rising costs and inflation rates that a choice to keep your pledge the same as last year is actually a choice to step back.
We look forward to celebrating this historic 125th Anniversary throughout 2014/15 with you! And, we look forward to working with you to extend our church legacy by "stepping up" to another amazing year of positive difference in Cincinnati and the world.

Giving Options

We will start collecting pledges on Sunday, March 30. There are several options for submitting pledges:

  1. Pledge Online – Visit the church’s website ( and click on the ‘Giving’ tab. Here you can enter your pledge through the ‘Pledge Online’ link.

  2. In-Person – Starting on March 30, you may hand in your pledge forms at church (supplied with this mailing, or available at church).

  3. By Mail - Mail your pledge form to the church.

  4. Wait for a Call from a Canvasser – In the three weeks following March 30, every member who has not made a pledge will be contacted by a Campaign volunteer. This provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and communicate your pledge.


Your pledge commitment is activated on July 1. You will receive quarterly statements listing contributions toward the pledge but it is entirely up to you when you make your contributions (weekly, monthly, annually).  There are several convenient payment options:

  1. Pay Online – Use the ‘Pay Online’ link on the right side of this page to pay your pledge through electronic check, credit or debit card, recurring payments, etc.

  2. In-Person – Leave your check payments in the offering plate at Sunday Services.

  3. By Mail - Send your contributions directly to the church.


Stewardship Campaign Committee

Eisha Armstrong, Nelson Horseman, Dave Wallace, and Jayson Zoller

Budget Overview

Revenues 2013-2014 Proposed 2014-15
Member Pledges $364,000 $386,000 (+22,000)
Other Revenue $38,000 $33,600 (-4600)
Total $402,000 $419,600
Expenses 2013-14 Proposed 2014-15
Personnel $258,000 $265,800(+7800)
Committees $25,000 $25,500 (+500)
General Operations $74,900 $83,600 (+8700)
Denominational $27,700 $28,000 (+300)
Building & Grounds $16,000


Total $401,600  $418,900


"Stepping Up" Giving Guide

Last Year’s PledgeStep Up 5%Step Up 10%Step Up 15%
$1000 $1050 $1100 $1150
$1250 $1312 $1375 $1437
$1500 $1575 $1650 $1725
$1750 $1837 $1925 $2012
$2000 $2100 $2200 $2300
$2500 $2625 $2750 $2875
$3000 $3150 $3300 $3450
$5000 $5250 $5500 $5750
$10,000 $10,500 $11,000 $11,500
$15,000 $15,750 $16,500 $17,250



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