A window on Unitarian Universalists nationwide and how they put their faith into action.

In these turbulent times, UU World, the magazine and feature website of the Unitarian Universalist Association, brings fresh thinking and support to progressive people everywhere. Here’s a few of the topics in the most recent issue:

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Sin is Personal, Not Just Systemic

Does the sin of white supremacy live in us or in the systems beyond us? UU minister Molly Housh Gordon writes that “Religious liberals resonate with the idea of sin as systemic,” ignoring or discounting the idea that racist behaviors have an individual component as well. She points out that the depth of our connections in society means that “all sin is both individual and collective.” Read her thoughts about addressing our inherent racism through relationship-building.

The Breakthrough Congregation Reimagined

For years, the UUA’s Breakthrough Congregation program was designed to encourage membership growth in UU churches. Recently, the program was revised to encourage innovation instead. Read why and how the program now works. Our last minister, Rev. Sharon Dittmar, now on the UUA national staff, is co-leading this national effort.

Media Roundup

This weekly blog on the UU World website provides examples of how Unitarian Universalists are being covered by mainstream media. 

This is just a sample of what’s available to read at the UU World website. Watch this space for regular updates.



 Accessing UU World Content

You can keep up with the varied content of UU World writers, bloggers, and editors in a number of ways. The quarterly magazine is offered in print and digital editions. Members of First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati receive print subscriptions at no cost to them, and others may subscribe to the print edition for $20 per year (discounted for multiple years). A digital edition (digital replica of the print magazine) is also available ($4.99 per year for church members; $9.99 for others), but much of the magazine’s content is available at the UU World website. A weekly newsletter (emailed) is also offered, as are audio recordings of selected stories from the magazine.