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Welcome, from the Director of Religious Education!

Welcome to Religious Education at First Church!

If you are a first time visitor to First Unitarian Church and are curious about our Sunday school program, make sure to look at our prospectus for information on our curriculum. To the left, you will find a description of what your child will be learning, and doing, this coming Sunday; as well as a list of DRE created resources.  Below, you will find a list of upcoming events and opportunities.


Meredith Plummer,

Director of Religious Education

Available by appointment, 

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 513.238.9912


Upcoming Opportunities

Tune into First Church's Summer Playlist -  Bring the message home and stay connected with Spotify!  Join us on Sunday and respond to the day's prompt by adding a song to our summer playlist (you can find the computer and instructions by the Fischer room).  Or, stay connected to this beloved community whenever, or wherever, by tuning into the 'First Unitarian Church, Summer 2014' playlist from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Tune in now and you'll be greeted with 5 wonderfully diverse songs - a wonderful representation of this community!  Anyone who comes on Sunday - young or old, parent or non parent, visitor or member - are welcome to add to the playlist.  What songs might you add to the playlist?

DRE at General Assembly, June 24 -  I will be at Gerneral Assembly in Providence, RI starting Tuesday, June 24.  I will return Wednesday, July 2.




Chalica Book - A beginners guide to Chalica.  Contains an introduction, a resource page, a brief history of Chalica, and suggestions on how to celebrate and honor each principle with actions, food, gifts, and books. 

Beyond Ramps and Restrooms - Within this blog you'll find links, resources, reviews and information about today's technology - and how that technology may be used to welcome people with disabilities in our congregations and beyond.

The Accidental DRE - RE and Family Ministry ideas, musings and resources.



This Sunday, Summer, 2014  

At 10:30am...

PreK - Sr. High: Spiritual Journey's Summer - All summer long, your child will be hearing from different adults in the congregation about their spiritual journey.  Each story will be accompanied by a related activity - a Buddhist might lead your child in a medication; a naturalist may ask your child to plant a seed or go for a nature walk, etc.  RE's goals for this summer - to create and strengthen intergenerational relationships; to showcase the diversity of spirituality within our congregations; and to demonstrate that there are many ways to be an adult UU.

Here is the schedule of Presenters...

June 22 - Church Picnic at Tower Park.

June 29 - Peter Koenig

July 6 - Joe Busby

July 13 - Faith Maynard

July 20 - Fran Turner

July 27 - Morita Marmo

August 3 - Bev Baker

August 10 - Al Gerhardstein

August 17 - Dan Schenider

August 24 - Fritz Casey Leininger

August 31 -  TBA



Family Connections

This summer is all about spiritual Journeys.  All of us, from youngest to our oldest, have a spiritual journey story to tell.

What is your story?

What brought you to Unitarian Universalism?  Why do you stay?  How do you identify along the spiritual spectrum?  What life events have shaped your beliefs?

We're all here for something and I encourage you to share your thoughts with a child this summer.  And, don't be afraid to ask that child what their beliefs are as well.

From the day that we are born, to the day that we die we struggle to make sense of this world.  Our principles remind us that we are in that struggle together.



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