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Welcome, from the Director of Religious Education!

Welcome to Religious Education at First Church!  My name is Meredith, Plummer, I am the Director of Religious Education.


If you are a first time visitor to First Unitarian Church and are curious about our Sunday school program, make sure to look at our prospectus for information on our curriculum. To the right and below, you will find a description of what your child will be learning, and doing, this coming Sunday, a list of upcoming events and opportunities, as well as a list of DRE created resources.

On Sunday mornings, please feel free to stop me and say 'Hi.'  Or, email me with any questions you may have. 

Looking forward to this Sunday!

Meredith Plummer,

Director of Religious Education

Available by appointment, 

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 513.238.9912 



Chalica: A UU Winter Holiday - Created by our minister, Reverend Sharon Dittmar, this one page resource offers suggestions on how you can honor each day of Chalica at home or around Cincinnati.

My Chalica Book: A Beginner's Guide (Third Edition)- Created by me, this booklet contains an introduction to Chalica, a resource page, a brief history of Chalica, and suggestions on how to celebrate and honor each principle with actions, food, gifts, books, and movies. 

The Accidental DRE - RE and Family Ministry ideas, musings and other resources.

Beyond Ramps and Restrooms - Within this blog you'll find links, resources, reviews and information about today's technology - and how that technology may be used to welcome people with disabilities in our congregations and beyond.



This Sunday, December 21, 2014 

PreK - 5th Grade: Charles Dickens - Today, all children will gather in the Ellen Hall Room once again.  There, your child will hear about Unitarian Charles Dickens.  Charles Dickens, a writer, is probably best known for his short story 'A Christmas Carol,' which is prolific this time of year.  Your child will learn how Dickens' life influenced his work, and they'll view Disney's 'Mickey's Christmas Carol.'  

Jr. High: Building UUWorld - The youth will continue building UUWorld.  They will envision what a world full of UU's might look like.

Sr. High: Youth Choice - The youth will decide what they wish to do today.


Upcoming Opportunities

Children's Christmas Choir, December 7, 14, 21 and 24: Rehearsals for the Children's Christmas Choir will take place after the service on December 7, 14, 21.  Children will learn 4 songs, which they will perform at the Family Christmas Eve Pageant, December 24 at 4 pm.  All children are welcomed!

Christmas at Shiloh, December 23, from 11:15 am to 5:30 pm: Today, the Jr. and Sr. High youth will pack Christmas boxes, and hand them out to the customers at Shiloh.  Then, they may stay have lunch with the other volunteers, or they may return to First Church where they will create a dinner using the food that is usually handed out at Shiloh.  This is not only a great service learning opportunity for our youth, but this is also a great way for them to get to know some of our Avondale neighbors!

Family Christmas Eve Service, December 24 @ 4 pm: Don't be a miser! Come to the Family Christmas Eve Service Wednesday, December 24 at 4 pm.  Join Preteen Ebenezer Scrooge as he visits his past, present and future in "A Child's Christmas Carol."  In this re-telling of the story, Ebenezer is a 13 year old who struggles with being kind and giving with his family and friends.  What will the ghosts of Christmas show Ebenezer, aka 'Eb', for him to change his ways?  You'll just have to show up to find out!  The Christmas Eve Children's Choir will sing four songs, and of course we will all partake in our annual tradition of signing 'The 12 Days of Christmas.'  Hope to see you there! 




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