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Sept. 7, 2014

 10:00 Service

"Why We are Unitarian Universalist"

Rev. Sharon Dittmar


This fall our worship theme is UU history, theology, and principles. For our inaugural sermon I will share with you the main reasons I chose to be a Unitarian Universalist. Perhaps you share the same reasons! The sermon will combine history, theology, and story telling. Rather than a comprehensive historical or theological survey, I will touch on major issues (religious transparency and critical thinking) as well as Unitarian and Universalist people (Francis David, Olympia Brown) to explain the uniqueness and evolution of our faith. This sermon will be extemporaneous, so come to learn more. We will also celebrate our kindergartners as they begin new adventures in education.


 Sept. 14, 2014

 10:00 Service

"Lived Faith"

Rev. Sharon Dittmar



As we continue with our fall worship theme of UU history and principles, we will learn about a member of our congregation, Sallie Ellis (1835-1886), who founded the "Postal Mission" which sent Unitarian literature across the country to people who were geographically isolated.  Ms. Ellis lived with several physical disabilities and found creative ways to integrate her interests, develop relationships with others, and live her faith.  We will explore not only the life and ministry of Ellis, but also consider ways we, as modern Unitarian Universalists, can live our faith in our daily lives (work, family, community, neighborhood).  There will be a Story for All Ages and our children will also learn about Sallie Ellis in their classrooms.



Sept. 21, 2014

 10:00 Service

"Turn Around"

Rev. Sharon Dittmar

During the last week of September our Jewish friends around the world will celebrate the High Holy Days that begin with Rosh Hashanah and end with Yom Kippur.  During this ten day period known as "The Days of Repentance" they consider t'shuvah (repentance), which can also be translated as "to return."  How must each of us turn or repent in order to return to our best lives? 







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