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August 3, 2014

10:30 Service

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Gaut Ragsdale


Be sure and be present onSunday August 3, when our own Gaut Ragsdale will deliver the sermon on the 50th Anniversary of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party's challenge for greater democracy inside the Democratic Party. Gaut will take us behind the scenes for a better understanding of just what transpired when Fanny Lou Hamer and the rest of the MFDP stood up to the powers behind the Democratic Party to speak their truth. They made history and changed the way we look at organizational democracy. Join us as we explore the values behind our 5th Unitarian Universalist Principle--The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.



August 10, 2014

10:30 Service

Life is Good

Rev. Sharon Dittmar and Jera Cox, Music Director



In the midst of our busy and complicated lives it can be easy to forget that life is good.  On this special Sunday, Jera and I are going to try something new.  We are going to have a "conversation" in words and music about how life is good.  I will bring selected poems and readings, and she will play inspired music and together we will "play off" one another.  Come see what we create.  Order of service optional.  We are literally "playing by ear."

August 10, 2014

10:30 Service

What I Learned from Death This Year

Rev. Sharon Dittmar 


Many of our beloved members have died this past year and it has been hard.  And yet after eighteen years in ministry and almost sixty memorial services, I am always deeply touched by the process of creating a memorial service.  This past year I have had the opportunity to sit and listen and learn from so many people, those who were dying and their loved ones.  Come for a special service when we lift up our loved ones who have died and considered their lessons in dying.  Our special music this Sunday will be a trio singing "Glory Bound."






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